The band plays at the Clarke Foley Centre for the over 50s in Ilkley. You can find more about the Clarke Foley on the website:

The New Horizons Orchestra plays on Friday afternoon at the Clarke Foley. More information at:


New Horizons Dance Band rehearses from 1.30 to 3.30 on Wednesdays at the Clarke Foley Centre.


You are welcome to listen to rehearsals (or dance), but remember these are rehearsals, so some of the music may not be highly polished. (Yet)

At present, all the parts available are covered by the regular players.

If you would be interested in joining when a vacancy occurs, ring Bill on 01943 862454 or 07885 830571

Joining the band Playing on Ilkley Bandstand in Tour de France week  2014 in conjunction with a rally of vintage bicycles 2021

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